Bob Giraldi has produced and directed over 4,000 unique visual marketing and advertising pieces. 

Directing his first commercials at the ad agency Della Femina in the late 1960s before moving on to form his own company with Phil Suarez in the 1970s, Bob has enjoyed massive success as a commercial director down the years, picking up numerous awards along the way.

Although there have been several feature and short films, music videos, and restaurants to distract Bob from his commercial work down the years, he has never strayed far from the medium and the business that he owes it all to. Still working and producing fine work to this day, Bob runs his own production company, Giraldi Media, out of New York and Los Angeles, with a network of other renowned commercial directors connected through the company. 

Bob has been inducted into the NY Art Director’s Hall of Fame, one of the few film directors to be honored; and, in 2014, was the first commercial director ever to be elected to the Advertising Hall of Fame.

The McDonald’s spot, ‘40,000 Friends’ showcases Burrell’s deftness at creating compelling documentary-style, targeted ads, tapping the considerable talents of iconic director, Bob Giraldi to bring its script to life.

"He ALWAYS had a true understanding of advertising,

and he brought that knowledge along with his artistry

better than any TV director that ever lived."

-George Lois