These days, Giraldi's medium of choice is short filmmaking, and he's proved both prolific and acclaimed with the array of short stories he's brought to the screen over the past two decades.  His short film, The Routine, premiered at Sundance and won Best Drama at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.  Another short, My Hometown, is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame’s permanent collection and two short films; Dream Begins” and "A Peculiar City," both integral parts of New York’s national Olympic bid, are now part of MoMA's permanent collection.  

His 2008 film Second Guessing Grandma” with Kathleen Chalfant, examining the coming out of a twenty-something to his 83 year-old grandmother received the Jury Award for Short Narrative at the 27th Annual Chicago International Film Festival and won the Audience Award for Best Short at the Fresno Reel Pride Festival, one of the largest US gender film festivals. It was also hand-selected to be in the new Google YouTube Screening Room, after it was the #3 most viewed video of the 2008 holiday season.  

More recently, Giraldi has directed two short films which have been successful at various festivals across the country; "A Poet Long Ago," (2014), written by the legendary Pete Hamill and starring Steve Schirripa, and Boris McGiver, and "A Conversational Place" (2015), starring Marilyn Sokol. 

His latest short, (2016) "New Year's Eve @ Sunny's" -  “set on the last night of 1972, in Red Hook, Bklyn, it follows a young man who has just returned from the Vietnam War. Unable to rid his mind of the part he played in the bombing of Hanoi, he chooses to commit suicide, only barely saved by the mysterious woman he meets on the waterfront.”  The short film is currently in post-production, and scheduled for a release this spring.

INSIDE: A Poet Long Ago


Before his recent success with short filmmaking, Bob made three feature films in the 1980s, directing Jon Cryer's teen cult film, "Hiding Out" (1987), as well as "National Lampoon's Movie Madness" (1983) and "Club Med" (1985), before directing his fourth, and most critically acclaimed feature film a decade later.

Dinner Rush” (2000), with Danny Aiello, John Corbett and Sandra Bernhard, appeared on a number of 2001’s Top 10 Lists and was selected for the prestigious New Directors/New Films Series at MoMA.  This film clearly has influenced the many reality and fictional food shows that crowd TV and media today.  “Dinner Rush” was also listed by Roger Ebert as "One of the Best 100 Films in the Last 10 Years."  

As Giraldi reminds, "one of the most satisfying distinctions for me is that the film is required viewing in most of the curriculum at the Culinary Institute of America."

Dinner Rush (2000)

"There are enough plots here to challenge Robert Altman, specialist in interlocking stories, but the director, Bob Giraldi, masters the complexities as if he knows the territory. He does."

- Roger Ebert

Hiding Out   (1987)


New Years Eve @ Sunny's (2016)

A Conversational Place (2015)

A Poet Long Ago (2014)

The Routine (2002)

The Grey Coat (2008)

Second Guessing Grandma (2008)

Honey Trap (2005)